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We offer you language solutions and everything in-between. We speak with one voice in many languages. And our clients love our offers such as: Native Professionals, Domain Expertise, Quality Assurance, State-of-the-art Technology, Confidentiality, and a Solid & proven track record.

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  • Translation & Localisation

    We convert one language to another without destroying the essence of the conveyed message. If you are looking for premium translation services, then you have come to the right place. Rest assured! We are the one-stop solution for all of your translation needs in the following language pairs: English to Asian languages Asian languages to English In-between […]

  • Editing & Proofreading

    Your company image is only as good as the text you put out there on your materials. Mistakes happen even by the most careful workflow in the world. We’ve seen some really surprising text errors hit the market that confuse meanings and alienate readers – do you want to take a chance that a simple mistake makes you & your business look less than professional? What if you could focus only on content, and let someone else take care of the mistakes?

  • Transcription

    Transcription, yet another related part in our services, is also handled by our experts in the field. We are proud to say that we are a one-stop solution when it comes to linguistic works in English, Nepali and Hindi. Rupantar offers conversion of the Audio/Video recording to a high value text document so that you can […]

Some of our Blog Posts

Whether it be being familiar with Asian languages or getting to know our latest works, please refer to our blog posts.

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  • Nepali Sentence Structure

    English is a SVO(Subject-Verb-Object) language while Nepali is a SOV(Subject-Object-Verb) language. Let’s look at the first example. See the colour groups for faster understanding. Let’s see one more example. Note: A ‘to be’ helping verb is required in most of the Nepali sentences. In Devanagari, there is no concept that ‘a sentence starts with a capital letter’ or ‘a proper […]

  • Relations

    Nepalese add a ‘- ज्यू’ (Jyu) or ‘- जी’ (Ji) when they address relatives. This is meant for giving respect. Relation सम्बन्ध(sambandha) Address them as Refer them as Mother  मम्मी/आमा mammī/āmā  -same- Father  बाबा/बुवा bābā/buwā  -same- Elder brother  दाइ/दाजु dāi/dāju  -same- Younger brother  <name> or भाइ Bhāi  भाइ Bhāi Elder sister  दिदी didī  -same- Younger sister […]

  • Counting 11 to 20

    In Nepali, “Counting 1 to 10” is called “गिन्ती ११ देखि २० सम्म (Gintī gyārah dekhi bīs samma)” which literally means “Counting 11 from 20 to”. 11 ~ ११ एघार (eghāra) 12 ~ १२ बाह्र (bāhra) 13 ~ १३ तेह्र (tehra) 14 ~ १४ चौध (chaudha) 15 ~ १५ पन्ध्र (pandhra) 16 ~ १६ सोह्र […]

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Rupantar Net Solutions (P) Ltd. is a customer-focused Nepal-based Translation & Localization company, led by highly experienced and enthusiastic team members. We are the leading service provider of Translation & Localization services in South Asian languages.

Currently, headquartered in Nawalparasi, Nepal, we have vast experience in executing translation and localization projects. We practice with the most qualified translators and linguists to provide excellent translations covering all domains.