Transcription, yet another related part in our services, is also handled by our experts in the field. We are proud to say that we are a one-stop solution when it comes to linguistic works in English, Nepali and Hindi.

Rupantar offers conversion of the Audio/Video recording to a high value text document so that you can read, organize, archive and search specific information easily for later use. It can also be used for other purposes such as Search Engine Optimization: SEO.

Transcribing recording to text is more than just about a quick reference. It is about saving you time and money that could be better spent on productivity than wasting time listening to audio recordings or trying to transcribe the document yourself.

Audio Transcription

We have several different ways of converting your audio recordings to text, depending on your particular needs. We can provide a verbatim transcription, a transcription that captures every spoken sound and even makes reference to pauses like uhhm, ah, and false start of the speakers. This type of transcription is often used by insurance companies or others for a specific legal purpose. At Rupantar, we have delivered over a thousand hours of high quality verbatim transcripts.

You may want a readable transcription which is a very popular style where unnecessary sounds, such as “uhm” or “ah,” are left out but everything that matters is included. Common examples are earnings calls, meetings, videos, or podcasts.

Finally, you may even want a book-ready transcription. These transcripts are heavily edited with the intention of delivering a final, customer-ready product. By example, although it’s somewhat rare, a transcription might even contain words that were not in the original audio file if it makes the intent more clear or the final transcript more readable.

Video Transcription

The advent of YouTube and low cost digital cameras has tremendously broadened the quantity and reach of video on the web. The challenge for many web video producers is making it easy for others to find their content. One way to do that is to use Video Transcription as a way to generate search-able text so that users can find your content using search engines. At Rupantar, we have special tools for transcribing audio from video, whether it comes from a URL such as YouTube or the video file directly.