Translation & Localisation

We convert one language to another without destroying the essence of the conveyed message. If you are looking for premium translation services, then you have come to the right place. Rest assured! We are the one-stop solution for all of your translation needs in the following language pairs:

  • English to Nepali
  • Nepali to English

With years of experience in the field of translation, we have come to become one of the pioneers in the world of quality translations. We have all the necessary and latest technologies in place that makes sure we can deliver you services that conform to the latest standards of your requirement. We are into translations of documents of various domains as shown below:

-Technical     -Legal
-Financial     -Medical & Pharmaceutical
-Marketing & Advertising     -eCommerce & Websites
-Online Gaming     -Defence & Security
-Official certificates     -General documents and much more…

Different types of documents requiring translation often require different approaches. In the case of tender documents, for example, these disciplines often need to be combined with other specialist areas of translation such as legal translation for the terms and conditions, etc.

A poor translation means your materials are not user friendly, your efforts are not taken seriously and the professional image of your company becomes damaged.

But, don’t worry! We are able to offer you a solution for all of these translation requirements under one roof. The translation service we offer are accurate, quick and cost-effective that meets all of the translation needs of all our clients. Rupantar only recruits qualified, skilled and experienced multi-lingual personnel from various domains.

Our translators are not only creative, they also know the local people and their customs and will ensure that your translations are localised – making sure that your efforts have the desired effect and that your message is understood. The translation will not feel like a translation. It will feel like original copy for the intended area – that’s the difference with Rupantar.

Lost in Translation? Make sure it’s not your business that’s lost! Team up with Rupantar and go for success.

Why do so many clients trust the Translation Service from Rupantar? Quite simply because we offer:

  • mother-tongue translators
  • domain specialists
  • quality control
  • glossary and terminology management
  • a solid and proven track record
  • confidentiality / security
Get it right first time – call Rupantar.