Even after such sophistication in the computer technology, it does not meet the simple requirements of common people. The simplicity requirements bar is at a position where even illiterate and non-English speakers are meant to receive or send their messages. Also the differently-abled people are at the other end where language requirements play crucial role in conveying their messages. These essential requirements comprise a field in computer technology and is composed of two terms: Localization (L10n) and Internationalization (I18n).

Here’s where we come in. The third-world countries are populated with the least computer aware people. The causal factors could be many but the availability of cheaper computer devices and digital media has not been properly utilized. They have not been utilized – if not unused – because they are all built in one language i.e. English. To many, learning English is still a luxury in these places. Nepal is one of such countries where English is not widely used. Therefore, computer use and its applications has hardly been practiced in Nepal. However, recent efforts have shown some promises. These promises led primarily by us have made people not only computer aware but also produced huge difference in the perception of digital devices. For years, we have worked on:

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